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Mission Statement

Our commitment is to protect life and property, maintain order, and enhance our community’s quality of life by working closely with our citizens.

Departmental Philosophy

The Frisco Police Department is committed to a community policing philosophy.  Community policing is a philosophy, management style, and organizational strategy that promotes proactive problem solving and police-community partnerships to address the causes of crime and fear as well as other community issues.

Community policing provides decentralized, personalized police service to the community.  It recognizes that the police cannot impose order on the community from the outside, but that people must be encouraged to think of the police as a resource that they can use in helping to solve contemporary community concerns.

Adopt an Angel Program:

Please click here to view the slideshow of the Adopt and Angel Program.

Meet the Officers:

Chief Tom Wickman





Sgt. Ahmet Susic

Sgt. Sean Koppels


Officer Neil Brown

Officer Aaron Trainor

Officer Brian Lemick

Officer Eric Hnat

Officer Eric Hnat

Officer Walter Mahone 






craig osborn

Officer Craig Osborn


Officer Rick Irwin






DJ Elthorpe

Officer DJ Elthorp


Bill Dyke

Community Service Officer Bill Dyke







Office Manager/Court Clerk Janice Pappas


emily crawford

Administrative Assistant Emily Crawfor