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Municipal Court

The Frisco Municipal Court maintains files on all municipal tickets and summonses issued by the Frisco Police Department. These types of tickets generally involve traffic, minor criminal, and animal control violations. Cases are heard on the third Wednesday of every month with sessions beginning at 4:30 p.m.


Frisco Town Hall

1 Main St.

Frisco, CO 80443


Contact information:

(970) 668-3579

FAX: (970) 668-3579


To make a payment towards a fine before the court date, you may write and mail a check or Money Order payable to the

Frisco Municipal Court

PO BOX 4100

Frisco, CO 80443

You may also call to make a payment over the phone. We do not accept online payments.

State citations issued by Frisco officers are heard by the County Judge at the County Courthouse located at 501 North Park in Breckenridge. Phone number: (970) 453-2272.