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General Town of Frisco RFP Information

The Town recognizes the need to use outside sources for providing professional services, constructing capital projects, procuring supplies and equipment and providing services for day-to-day operations and maintenance. Contracts for such services, supplies and equipment in excess of fifty thousand dollars shall be awarded through a formal competitive bid process.
When competitive bids are required, an “invitation to bid” shall be published in a local newspaper of general circulation at least fifteen days but not more than forty-five days from the bid deadline. The invitation to bid shall include an adequate description of the services, supplies and/or equipment to be purchased. Bids shall be opened publicly at the time and place designated in the invitation for bids. The amount of each bid and such other relevant information as may be specified by Town policy, together with the name of each bidder, shall be entered on a record and open for public inspection.
The Town shall not be obligated to select the lowest bidder, but shall select based on the criteria established in this Chapter and in the invitation to bid.

Current RFP’s/Invitations to Bid:


Mary Ruth Owners Rep RFP 07_2017

Mary Ruth Owners Rep Question and Answers_08_10_17

This can also be viewed at BidNet at Rocky Mountain E-Purchasing System

Sealed proposals will be received at the Town of Frisco, 1 Main Street, PO Box 4100, Frisco, Colorado 80443 until 3:00p.m., August 16, 2017, at which time the proposals will be opened and reviewed, for the following Town of Frisco project. Proposals should be to the attention of Randy Ready, Town Manager.

Owner’s Representative for the Mary Ruth Place Workforce Housing Project

The project will include, but is not limited to: Acting as an Owner’s Representative to assist the Town of Frisco with full Owner’s Representative services in overseeing the final design details and coordination; budget projections; constructability; value engineering; permitting; RFPs for contract work; working with the Owner to make informed decisions for implementation; provide monthly progress reports and updates on budget, schedule and key project decision making to Town Staff and occasionally to Town Council; and the subsequent construction, project close-out and occupancy phases of the Mary Ruth Place Workforce Housing Project at 306 Galena Street in Frisco. The Owner’s Representative will provide a broad spectrum of administrative management and oversight for the construction project management process, project accounting, budgeting, reporting, scheduling, cost management, punch list management, managing warranty and maintenance issues, assisting with the establishment of the Homeowners Association and the coordination of unit sales.

The Town reserves the right to reject any or all Proposals or accept what is, in its judgment, the Proposal which is in the Town’s best interest. The Town further reserves the right, in the best interests of the Town, to waive any technical defects or irregularities in any and all Proposals submitted.

The Proposal must be placed in an envelope securely sealed therein and labeled: “Proposal for Owner’s Representative for the Mary Ruth Place Workforce Housing Project “.

Discussion may be conducted with responsible Offerors who submit Proposals determined to be reasonably susceptible of being selected for award for purpose of classification to assure full understanding of, and responsiveness to the solicitation requirements.

In addition to price, the criteria set forth in the Instruction to Offerors and any specific criteria listed below, may be considered in judging which Proposal is in the best interests of the Town: Qualifications, Methods and Strategic Plan.



The Town of Frisco desires to attract proposals from qualified professionals or firms for Owner’s Representative services related to development of the Mary Ruth Place Workforce Housing Project. The project includes updating of the historic Mary Ruth House currently located on the property and construction of eight new units of 100% deed-restricted workforce housing in three different buildings. The project design is nearing completion and is in the construction drawing phase.


The Town seeks the most responsive, experienced and responsible proposer to act as an Owner’s Representative to assist the Town of Frisco (Town) in overseeing the final design details, construction and occupancy phases of the project. The third-party Owner’s Representative will be a firm or individual that will act as an owner’s agent and will guide the Town of Frisco through the permitting, final design details, budgeting, schedule projections, constructability analysis, construction and project close-out through occupancy. The Owner’s Representative will provide a broad spectrum of administrative management and oversight for the construction. Some of the services expected of the Owner’s Representative include project management, process management, project accounting, budgeting, reporting, scheduling, construction management, cost management, HOA set up, punch list management, managing warranty and maintenance issues and more.

This project is currently in its Construction Documentation phase, and the architectural firm tc3 Architects has submitted a development application on behalf of the Town that will be reviewed by the Planning Commission on August 3. The successful proposer shall provide responsible coordination, monitoring, creative problem solving, conflict resolution, and documentation/reporting as directed by the Town through final design details, Construction Documents, Construction, Project Close-out and Occupancy stages, after each stage is approved for launching by Frisco Town Council. Construction contracts administration in partnership with the Town of Frisco’s designated representative should be considered an essential service at all appropriate stages. The Proposer should provide information related to qualifications, fees for services, and proposed approach and onsite schedule that would be required to fulfill the scope of work’s requirements.

The proposer will be required to have thorough knowledge and practical experience relating to the professional services and activities involved through the final phases of project development and construction. The scope of work shall include, but not be limited to, the following:

• Program Administration Summary

  1. Act as owner’s agent / authority
  2. Oversee all activities from final design details through completion and occupancy
  3. Perform design / administration duties and at least weekly site visits
  4. Assist with procurement, oversee services providers / contractors
  5. Review and approve program timeframe and cost budgets
  6. Review contractor invoices and submit for payment
  7. Monitor program compliance – contract terms, design, specs
  8. Identify, track, and resolve project issues
  9. Report to the Town staff and council as needed

• Final Design Phase

  1. Solicit and negotiate all contracts as directed by the Town as necessary for the development of the project.
  2. Prepare GC bid documents and evaluation criteria and assist in the GC selection process.
  3. Lead in the generation of a project schedule and budget. Review proposed project costs against approved budget with Town representatives.
  4. Inform Town Staff for critical decision-making regarding project design details and ancillary costs and project development issues.
  5. Participate in all design and progress meetings as directed by Town to coordinate and ensure progress of the work. Provide suggestions and recommendations relating to the final design and other specifics of the building and site development.
  6. Review architectural and engineering plans to identify any technical and programming conflicts, constructability issues, or coordination and/or scope discrepancies. Reduce comments to writing for Town review and input.
  7. Identify items or issues specified by the design team that may create delays to the project schedule or not provide sufficient value for the design quality and functionality being sought by the Town.
  8. Perform constructability and quality review of Contract Documents prior to bid. Work with General Contractor and Owner to develop project specific construction estimates and list of trades/suppliers.
  9. Make recommendations for possible phased construction in order to maintain the project completion date, or take advantage of opportunities in weather or other conditions for accelerating the construction schedule.

• Construction Phase

  1. Attend pre-bid conference for GC and respond to bidder inquiries as directed by the Town.
  2. Assist in preparing any consultant requests for services that are not provided by the General Contractor.
  3. Review bid tabulation data and identify any bid discrepancies.
  4. Attend pre-construction conference.
  5. Assist in reviewing the Construction Schedule as prepared by the General Contractor at the outset, and then monthly or as directed thereafter.
  6. Assist in conducting and documenting weekly construction progress meetings, as directed by the Town. Work closely with the GC on scheduling, supplies, inspections and communication to make sure delivery dates are met.
  7. Assist in the resolution of disputes, as directed by the Town
  8. Assist in the coordination of formal disputes per the contract requirements with Town, as required.
  9. Review and recommend for approval or denial all proposed change orders.
  10. Assist in the enforcement of project quality as defined by the project construction documents with respect to construction materials and methods.
  11. Assist in the development of punch list items, and monitor corrective actions for same. Assist in the enforcement of project close-out requirements.
  12. Recommend acceptance of the project and filing of the Notice of Completion.
  13. Conduct site visits as needed, at least weekly.
  14. Document the construction sequences with digital images.
  15. Monitor construction budgets and review invoices before they are processed against project budget.
  16. Ensure that the appropriate inspections and consultant reviews take place at pre-determined sequences.
  17. Coordinate and provide budget and project status updates for the Town on a weekly basis.

• Project Closeout

  1. Turn over all project documentation generated by proposer to the Town. Files shall be transferred in a banker’s box with a Master Index.
  2. Assist with the establishment of a Homeowners Association and with coordination of home sales.

Mary Ruth Place is a Workforce housing project for both the Town of Frisco Staff, as well as for the businesses and citizens of Frisco. The project consists of 8 new units of 100% deed restricted housing, plus the updating of the historic Mary Ruth house that is currently on the property. Four of the new units will be for Town of Frisco staff and four are for employees who are in the Frisco workforce. The project will be funded 50% by Town 5A Housing Funds and 50% by the Town Capital Fund, with partial reimbursement of the 5A funds from sale of four of the units to members of the Frisco workforce. This project is located at 306 Galena Street adjacent to, and behind the existing Mary Ruth House. This property has a Historic Overlay (HO) District designation, and is additionally governed by the underlying Central Core (CC) Zone and the Granite-Galena Overlay (GGO) District requirements.

This is a project that started about 2 years ago when the previous Town Council realized it had housing needs to be met, as well as in recognizing that the same need exists for Frisco businesses and workforce members. The current Town Council agreed, and it proceeded with the project and with the intent on the construction still starting this year.

This project meets with the requirements and visions of the Community Plan, and with the goals and policies of the Town Council. There is relief from the Town Planning Code that is being presented as it allows for the design goals of the Town Council to be met without creating one large structure. Building ‘A’ is the existing Mary Ruth Place, the adjacent Building ‘B’ has a studio unit, and a two level one-bedroom unit with the design concept being one that mimicked the scale and detail of the Mary Ruth House and that era. Building ‘C’ has a 2-bedroom accessible unit on the lower level, and we duplicated that floor plan to the second level for accessibility as well, as not everyone with accessibility needs is wheel chair bound or uses a walker. Able bodied people can use either as well. Building ‘D’, at the Galena Street Alley has four, one bedroom units with attached one car garages. This is a 100% deed restricted housing project, be it for sale or rent or both.

One of the design challenges, especially with the Town Council’s desire of having multiple buildings instead of one large building, was in providing units of adequate size, as well as in accommodating the large overhang requirements of the Granite-Galena Overlay District. We also realized the height, scale and mass could be better accommodated adjacent to the Alley, while maintaining the smaller scale size along Galena Street.


Prospective teams shall submit six (6) copies of their Submittal, all of which must be received by 3:00 pm on Monday, August 14, 2017 in order to be considered for this project. Proposals that omit any information or do not use the format requested may result in disqualification. At a minimum, all submittals should include the following:

(1) LETTER OF COMMITMENT/UNDERSTANDING THE PROJECT: This letter should be not more than two pages in length, and identify the firms and key staff who will be working on the project, and commit them for the duration of the project if selected. The letter should also state that the firm has read and understands the requirements of the RFP. This letter must be signed by a duly authorized official of the appropriate firm.

(2) PROPOSER QUALIFICATIONS – This refers to the ability of the proposer to meet the terms of the RFP, and should include not less than three examples of projects (with contact information for lead staff of such projects) over the past five years than will confirm proposer’s expertise in providing Owner’s Representation services. Examples must be specific to the key staff identified in (1) and be at or near completion at the time of submitting the RFP.

(3) METHODS AND STRATEGIC PLAN – Provide a comprehensive description of proven methods and plans for carrying out the Scope of Work through the various phases as detailed above. Philosophical approach to individual and team work should be considered an essential part of this request.

(4) ADDITIONAL ITEMS – Include all other pertinent information regarding this RFP, particularly any information that the proposer feels addresses why its business or team would be a good match for this project. .

(5) SCHEDULE OF RATES – Proposer shall submit a schedule of rates that it finds most applicable to the RFP. These rates may be by more than one work/payment scenario, or address different payment types and schedules for different phases of work as described above. This schedule of rates should include all information regarding reimbursables, ancillary services, payment schedules to subcontractors, etc.

V. Evaluation Criteria

The following is a list of weighted criteria that will be used to evaluate proposals:
Proposer Qualifications 40%
Methods and Strategic Plan 30%
Schedule of Rates
Demonstrated Commitment
To Project Objectives and Strong
Working Relationships 20%

VI. Submittals

All proposals must be in a sealed envelope and clearly marked in the lower left-hand corner: “Proposal for Mary Ruth Place – Owners Rep Services.” All proposals must be received by Monday, August 14, 2017, 3:00pm at the Town of Frisco, Town Hall, One Main Street, PO Box 4100, Frisco, CO 80443, Attn: Randy Ready, at which time they will be publicly opened. The Town will not accept facsimile (faxed) or late proposals.

The Town reserves the right to reject any or all Proposals or accept what is, in its judgment, the Proposal which is in the Town’s best interest. The Town further reserves the right, in the best interests of the Town, to waive any technical defects or irregularities in any and all Proposals submitted.
During the Request for Proposal selection process, all proposals shall remain confidential. The entire selection process (procurement) file shall be opened to the public (which includes all proposers) after an agreement is approved by the Town, except those items for which confidentiality has been requested in writing by the Proposer, and providing that the Town Attorney has reviewed and determined this to be the properly confidential under the State Open Records Act and other relevant statutes and regulations.

VII. Questions and Answers
All questions concerning this RFP must be submitted by e-mail to Randy Ready—Town Manager for the Town of Frisco–at by 3:00 pm on Monday, August 7, 2017. Addenda, reports, and responses to questions and answers will be distributed by Wednesday, August 9, 2017.

VIII. Proposer Interviews
At the Town’s discretion, on-site interviews and discussions may be conducted with responsible finalist Proposers determined to be reasonably susceptible of being selected for award for purpose of clarification to assure full understanding of, and responsiveness to the solicitation requirements. Any cost incurred by the respondents in preparing or submitting a response to this RFP or interviewing for this project shall be the respondents’ sole responsibility.


 The Town of Frisco does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, sex, religion, age or disability in the provision of services. For the disabled persons needing reasonable accommodations to attend or participate in a town service, program or activity, call (970) 668-0836 x1310 as far in advance as possible. Disabled access is available at the Public Works building.