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Catch Up With Council, December 12, 2023 – Compensation for Mayor, Council Members, and Planning Commission Members, Marina Parking, Housing Discussion, and More

2023 Marina Paid Parking Discussion

On May 24, 2022, Frisco Town Council approved a three-year contract with Interstate Parking Company to manage paid parking and parking enforcement at the Frisco Bay Marina and to enforce free three-hour only parking year-round on Frisco Main Street.

The Frisco Bay Marina implemented paid parking from Memorial Day to Labor Day in 2022. The program was reviewed with Council on October 11, 2022, and as a result of that work session, the following changes were implemented for the 2023 summer season:

  • A new holiday premium rate was added.
  • An unlimited number of season parking passes were once again sold in 2023 at the same rate ($99) as the 2022 season, but season pass parking on Fridays, Saturdays, Sundays and holidays was directed to the “fruit stand lot”.
  • To reduce the number of employees utilizing parking spaces, employees were directed to park in the B2/trailer storage lot, carpool, and use alternative means of transportation to get to/from work.

During the October 10, 2023, Council work session, staff from Interstate Parking Company summarized the parking enforcement programs, commented on the effectiveness of the programs, and presented recommendations for changes to the program in 2024. Also, during this session Council heard public comments, staff recommendations, and proposed some changes for 2024.

During the December 12 Town Council meeting, Interstate Parking and Frisco staff made Marina parking recommendations for 2024 based on feedback from Council and Marina users. The following are the staff recommendations and subsequent Council direction for 2024.


  • Marina paid parking from 10:00am-5:00pm from Memorial Day weekend through Labor Day weekend
  • First 30-Minutes- Keep the first 30-minutes free, as it has been over the last two seasons..
  • Continue to encourage turnover by implementing a moderate increase in rates:
    • Monday – Thursday: $1.25/half hour; Max $12. Changes from 2023- the max is going from $10.00/day to $12.00/day and the half hour rate is going from $.75 to $1.25/half hour.
    • Friday – Sunday and holidays: There had been a recommendation from staff and Interstate Parking to have special rates on Friday and Sunday, on Saturday, and on holidays, which would mean three different rate structures for those times. Council directed staff and Interstate Parking to simplify this and to just have one rate structure for Friday-Sunday and on holidays: $1.25/half hour for three hours; $2.50 /half hour thereafter; max $15. This simplifies the rates in comparison to this past summer.

The moderate increase in daily rates is intended to create more turnover and help balance out the passholder parking in the prime spots, thereby creating availability for Marina rental guests, Island Grill patrons, and day users.

Season Passes

Town Council approved staff recommendations:

  • From April through the end of June, sell an unlimited number of season parking passes for $99.
  • For 2024, remove the restriction that parking passholders must park in the “fruit stand” lot on Fridays, Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays and have passholders park wherever parking is available.

Additional Marina Parking Topics from the October 10, 2023 Work Session

  • Extend Town Employee incentive programs to concessionaires and their employees to reduce the number of cars on the road and in parking lots.
  • Town Council gave direction to keep the $75.00 fine since this is already established by Town Code but gave direction to extend the time the fine doubles from 10-days to 30-days.
  • has become a mobility platform for the community, and Interstate will add links to all shuttles, public transportation, bike routes, Adventure Park, Marina rentals, ski areas, and map of downtown businesses.

Introduction to New Community Development Department Staff

Community Development Director Katie Kent introduced the Community Development staff, including many new staff members, as the department is now fully staffed.

Planning Commission and Town Council Joint Session on Housing Projects and Updates

The Frisco Planning Commission and Town Council last had a joint work session in May 2023 to discuss community vision, issues, and challenges and the amount and availability of housing for the local workforce. The purpose of the December 12, 2023 joint work session is to provide an update since the last joint work session and to continue to provide an opportunity for dialogue between Town Council and the Planning Commission regarding existing and potential workforce housing programs. Discussion between the Planning Commission and Town Council included feedback on programs and additional strategies that the Town would like to see implemented.

Staff provided a general overview of programs related to workforce housing at the work session. Below is an outline of progress made by the Town over the past six months with regards to housing:

Summit County Housing Needs Assessment

In the fall of 2023, the Summit County Housing Needs Assessment was finalized and released. Root Policy Research presented an overview of the 2023 assessment at the October 24, 2023 Town Council meeting. At this work session, the overview provided information on focus groups, survey responses, median valued home, and income requirements for buying median priced housing in Frisco, along with projected housing need estimates and projections.

Frisco Housing Needs Assessment and Strategic Housing Action Plan

In light of the findings from the Countywide Housing Needs Assessment, the Town of Frisco issued a Request for Proposals (RFP) on November 10, 2023 for a Town of Frisco Housing Needs Assessment and Strategic Housing Action Plan. This plan will provide a roadmap for the Town’s housing programs and a housing build-out model for current and future scenario planning.

While there is data specific to Frisco in the 2023 Summit County Housing Needs Assessment, Frisco’s Housing Needs Assessment will further evaluate population and demographic trends unique to Frisco, analyze current housing conditions, identify housing needs, and work to propose solutions to create a balance between existing housing teardowns and new residential infill development. By identifying housing needs in Frisco, the Strategic Housing Action Plan will provide a formalized framework of proposed regulatory changes to incentivize workforce housing development, as well as a modeling/scenario planning that will describe what buildout will entail and how Frisco will get to where we want to go to house residents year-round.

Additionally, the Plan will review and evaluate all existing Frisco workforce housing programs and provide proposed changes or additional strategies to implement. Such strategies may include inclusionary zoning, ADU’s, etc.

Four proposals were received for this project. A recommendation regarding the consulting team and a contract will be presented to Frisco Town Council in January 2024.

Housing Helps Program

In 2023, Town Council modified the Housing Helps Program, where the Town provides cash for a deed restriction in order to incentivize real estate buyers and homeowners to deed restrict their properties to maintain and sustain homes for locals working in the community. This change in 2023 expanded the program to allow non-working property owners to enter a covenant on their property. One homeowner has expressed interest in this program since this modification was made.

Additionally, the Town recently purchased three condominium units through the Housing Helps buy down program. Two of these units will be listed for sale in the upcoming weeks after energy efficiency upgrades are made. Town Council directed staff to bring back a discussion regarding the expansion of the Housing Helps covenants to include not just priority for residents working in Frisco, but those working within a mile of the Town of Frisco or perhaps even beyond.

2019 Standard Housing Restrictive Covenant

In 2023, the Town Council was approached by a group of Peak One homeowners who requested the Town evaluate the current resale calculation within the standard covenant. Town Council requested Community Development staff continue this discussion when the department is fully staffed. As of December 4, 2023, the Community Development Department is fully staffed. As such, the review of the housing covenants throughout Frisco will continue in early 2024.

In February 2024, Community Development staff will bring forward discussion items related to the standard covenant. These discussion items will include a proposed lottery system for the sale of properties, resale calculation formulas, and the current priority period for applicants who are employed within the Town of Frisco.

Home Improvement Loan Program

Council approved Resolution 23-18 establishing the Frisco Home Improvement Loan Program. To date, five property owners have expressed interest in utilizing the program. $250,000 is included in the budget for this program.

Frisco Town Code Amendments

In September 2023, the Town approved modifications to the Unified Development Code addressing affordable housing. On December 7, 2023, the Planning Commission reviewed proposed modifications to the affordable housing incentives. These proposed modifications will be presented to Town Council in January 2024. The Town approved modifications to the Planned Unit Development (PUD) section of the Unified Development Code to be utilized as a tool to incentivize affordable housing development. In 2024, Community Development staff anticipates bringing forward various code amendments to incentivize affordable housing development. These could include Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU) modifications, bonus density modifications, and others. Town Council also encouraged staff to move forward with doing a nexus study in 2024 so there could be an eventual discussion of inclusionary zoning. 

Real Estate Assistance

In September 2023, the Town issued an RFP for a contracted relator to help with buy-down units and housing real estate assistance. In response to the RFPs received, the Town entered into a contract with Omni Real Estate. As a reminder, the Summit Combined Housing Authority (SCHA) discontinued their real estate services this fall. In response, the Town will be using Omni Real Estate to assist with the real estate transaction services that the SCHA previously handled.

Housing Projects

Granite Park

On May 16, 2023, the Town held a groundbreaking ceremony for the Granite Park Affordable Workforce Housing Site at 619 Granite Street. Currently under construction, this project, in partnership with CDOT, will create 22 rental units available at affordable rent levels for CDOT employees and for employees that work for other businesses in the Frisco area.

602 Galena

In the summer of 2023, NHP Foundation began the public hearing process before the Planning Commission for 602 Galena Street to apply for a Major Site Plan review for a rental housing development with 54 units. This project has gone through sketch plan review, and staff is anticipating the full site plan submittal January 2024.

101 Main Street

In the fall of 2023, NHP Foundation also held a public hearing before the Planning Commission for 101 W. Main Street to pursue a PUD and Major Site Plan review for a low-income rental unit project with 49 units. This project has gone through sketch plan review and a preliminary public hearing for the rezoning. Staff is anticipating the full site plan and final rezoning application submittals by February 2024.

Proposition 123

In July 2023, the Town of Frisco entered a commitment with the State Affordable Housing Fund known as Proposition 123. Through this program, the Town has committed to providing 16 affordable housing units, at an average of five per year, over the next three years. The Affordable Housing Financing Fund is administered by the Colorado Housing and Finance Authority (CHFA) and overseen by the Governor’s Office of Economic Development and International Trade.

Community Emergency Rental Assistance

During late summer 2023, the Town committed to partnering with the Family and Intercultural Resource Center (FIRC) to provide emergency rental assistance for up to $600 per month. The FIRC manages this program with a financial contribution from the Town of Frisco along with other municipalities in Summit County.

Frisco Community Housing Development Authority

Town Council approved Resolution 23-22 to establish the Frisco Community Housing Development Authority which will be a valuable tool as the Town pursues multiple housing projects in the future. An advantage to having a housing authority as a partner in a housing project is the property tax and sales tax exemption for the project, which can be a critical component for investors.

Discussion Items

  • Should the Town consider allowing higher AMIs and different incentives for ownership units vs. rental units?

Town Council and Planning Commission had a robust discussion about this which included considering different parking requirements for ownership and rental units. Town Council stated that they needed to keep up a regular dialogue around this and remain flexible and ready to make changes.

  • Is there a concern about the loss of Main Street commercial properties?

Town Council and Planning Commission largely agreed that commercial spaces should be on the ground floor on Main Street but wanted to continue the discussion about whether more commercial space should be encouraged on Main Street.

Compensation of Mayor, Council Members, and Planning Commission Members

During the adoption of the Town of Frisco 2024 budget, Frisco Town Council reviewed comparable community elected officials’ compensation and requested an update to Frisco Town Council and Planning Commission compensation policies.

Town Council Pay

The current compensation rate for Mayor is $1,050 per month ($12,600 annually) and $600 per month ($7,200 annually) for Council Members. Increased Town Council compensation would be $1,250 per month ($15,000 annually) for the Mayor and $750 per month ($9,000 annually) for Council Members. This increase would not apply to current Council Members; the change would only take effect when Council Members are re-elected or newly elected to Town Council.

Planning Commission Pay

The Frisco Planning Commission does not currently receive a salary. Any ordinance changing commissioner compensation will take effect in January 2024 and will be $100 per Planning Commission meeting attended.

Pay Policy Ordinance Approved

During budget discussions at previous Town Council meetings and upon review of compensation in comparable communities, Town Council directed staff to present an ordinance to update future compensation policy to encourage demographic diversity on future councils and commissions. Subsequently, Town Council approved Ordinance 23-26 on the second reading during this meeting.

1041 Regulations

During three previous Town Council work sessions, Town attorney Thad Renaud presented Town Council with a briefing about House Bill 1041 which was passed in 1974 by the Colorado General Assembly at a time when the State legislature was particularly concerned with the effects of growth and development upon the physical environment of the state and its residents. In particular, the State legislature was concerned that the traditional zoning and subdivision tools used by local governments might not be adequate to fully address the impacts caused by a few specific development activities or to adequately protect and plan for development in certain physical areas.

House Bill 1041 gave local governments more ability to regulate in the following specialized areas:

  • Site selection and construction of major new domestic water and sewage treatment systems and major extension of existing domestic water and sewage treatment systems;
  • Site selection and development of solid waste disposal sites except those sites specified in C.R.S. 25-11-203(1), sites designated pursuant to part e of Article 11 of Title 25, C.R.S., and hazardous waste disposal sites, as defined in C.R.S. 25-15-200.3;
  • Site selection of airports;
  • Site selection of rapid or mass transit terminals, stations, and fixed guideways;
  • Site selection of arterial highways, interchanges and collector highways;
  • Site selection and construction of major facilities of a public utility;
  • Site selection and development of new communities;
  • Efficient utilization of municipal and industrial water projects; and
  • Conduct of nuclear detonations.

Based on the direction provided to Town Council during their August 8 meeting to move forward with the ability to regulate four activities, the proposed regulations included in Chapter 180 Code of Ordinances designate four distinct activities of town interest, that include proposed submission requirements, approval criteria, and related permitting processes. Those four activities outlined in the staff report include:

  • Site selection & construction of major new domestic sewage treatment systems and major extensions of existing domestic sewage treatment systems;
  • Site selection and construction of major facilities of a public utility;
  • Site selection of arterial highways & interchanges and collector highways; and
  • Site selection of rapid or mass transit facilities

During the December 12, 2023 regular Town Council meeting, the Town Attorney presented Ordinance 23-20, amending Chapter 180 of the Code of Ordinances, which adopts 1041 regulations. Town Council passed Ordinance 23-20 on the second reading.