Town News

Catchup with Council, August 24, 2021 – Promenade Closure Announcement, High Country Conservation Presentation, Fire Code Amendments

Frisco Pedestrian Promenade

It was announced that the last day that the Frisco Pedestrian Promenade will be open is Sunday, September 12 with takedown on Monday, September 13. Businesses may keep parklets in front of their businesses in parking spaces, but will need to inform Bill Gibson ( or 970-668-9121) by September 9 if they plan to continue to utilize their parklets. If businesses do not call or email, then the Town will assume that they do not want to keep their parklet, and it will be removed on September 13. Businesses may decide to keep their parklet and have it removed at a later date when the weather or use dictates removal. Businesses can reach out to the Town when parklet removal is needed in the future.

High Country Conservation Center Annual Presentation

High Country Conservation Center (HC3) is a local non-profit which partners with the Town of Frisco on climate action and sustainability initiatives by promoting practical solutions for waste reduction and resource conservation in Frisco, as well as all of Summit County. HC3 presented some of their local successes, impacts on the community, and plans for 2022 in the areas of:

Climate Action:

  • Solarize Summit– Ten $1,500 Solarize rebates were available from the Town of Frisco for residents or businesses who purchased solar systems through the Solarize Summit program, and ten Frisco residents participated in the program and received rebates. Over 60 kilowatts of solar power were installed in Frisco through this program.
  • Electric vehicle (EV) readiness planning- EV’s will be celebrated with an event on September 22 from 4:00 to 7:00pm at the two new Town of Frisco EV stations at the Adventure Park. Dealers will be bringing electric vehicles for attendees to test drive, and this will be a chance for folks who own electric vehicles to attend, so all of the community’s questions about electric vehicles may be answered.
  • Sustainable building codes- HC3 is currently planning another round of training for builders in partnership with the Colorado Energy Office. Training dates are still to be determined.
  • Renewable energy program- HC3 is working with Town of Frisco staff on a renewable energy program, which HC3 is hoping to present to Council later this fall or winter. This program would require onsite renewable energy offsets for high energy usage outdoors, such as very large snowmelt systems and/or large commercial outdoor pools and hot tubs.
  • Pilot program for commercial buildings to report energy use- Frisco’s Town Hall and Public Works buildings were part of this reporting program. This pilot project has been tabled for now because the State passed a law this spring requiring energy usage reporting for buildings over 50,000 square feet. HC3 wants to see how the State rolls out this program before continuing to implement a local reporting program and look at approaches to this that would be more cost effective for this community.
  • Three-year update of greenhouse gas emissions inventory- This inventory is almost complete, but HC3 is still waiting for some 2020 data from Xcel to finalize this inventory. Due to Council’s feedback in 2020, HC3 has been working with an expert to figure out how to drive the sharpest reductions in emissions. HC3 has discovered that they can make a lot of progress with some low cost policies, including requiring energy audits for anyone applying for a short term rental license, which HC3 will be looking at with Town staff in 2022.

Energy Smart Colorado

  • Home energy assessments– HC3 has a goal of 20 assessments in Frisco in 2021, but they have already done 25 in 2021.
  • Home energy upgrades– HC3 has a goal of 10 upgrades/retrofits in Frisco in 2021, and they are already at seven upgrades/retrofits for 2021.
  • Energy bill savings- HC3 is seeing $476 per household in savings for those households that made energy upgrades.
  • In 2022, HC3 is looking to do 25 home energy assessments, 10 upgrades, provide larger rebates for upgrades, and collaborate more with Xcel Energy.

Frisco’s Resource Wise Business Program

This sustainable business certification program helps businesses reduce energy use, carbon emissions, and waste while improving recycling, composting, and purchasing practices. HC3 saw eight businesses complete assessments (goal of eight), four businesses subsequently take on improvement projects (goal of six), and year to date this has resulted in a 15 ton reduction in greenhouse gas emissions. The goals for 2022 include eight new assessments, six improvement projects, and more collaboration with Xcel Energy.

Waste Diversion

  • HC3 held five educational events at the Frisco Recycle Center and did a residential tagging program at the curb with helpful tips to residential recyclers after assessing their recycling bins for contamination and jobs well done
  • HC3 has worked with nine Frisco businesses on their waste diversion/recycling efforts
  • 311 Frisco residents registered for the free composting/food scrap program, up 30% since 2020
  • HC3 partnered with Frisco Fun Club and Peak School for waste diversion education
  • Town of Frisco will be involved in the extensive stakeholder process being started later this year to look at “pay-as-you-throw” options for waste diversion.

Amendments to the 2018 International Fire Code – Second Reading

Town Council approved the second reading of Ordinance 21-10 to amend provisions of the International Fire Code (IFC) adopted by the Town in 2019. The language in the IFC essentially placed the Town in permanent Stage 1 fire restrictions. Amending this code will bring the Town into alignment with the US Forest Service and with the towns of Silverthorne, Dillon and Montezuma, unincorporated Summit County, and the Red, White & Blue Fire District. This consistency between jurisdictions will allow fire districts to continue to monitor the fire danger using approved scientific data and to present consistent decisions and messaging based on that data. Backyard fires pits/devices will still need to be permitted yearly in Frisco through Summit Fire & EMS, unless propane or natural gas is being used.