Town News

Catchup with Council, July 14, 2020 Meeting – Love Frisco/Shop Frisco Update, Promenade Discussion, Budget Discussion

Love Frisco, Shop/Stay Frisco

The Love Frisco, Shop/Stay Frisco campaign has sold 1,800 gift cards at a value of $130,000, with $70,000 redeemed so far.

Parks and Recreation Month

Frisco Town Council declared July to be Parks and Recreation Month to honor the many benefits of public outdoor spaces and recreational programs.

Frisco Pedestrian Promenade Discussion

After asking for and receiving continuous feedback – from the introduction of the idea, through the implementation and evolution of the Pedestrian Promenade, the following was shown:

  • Restaurant owners and operators overwhelmingly support the Promenade
  • Retailers have mixed reactions about the Promenade
  • Local and visiting customers overwhelmingly support the Promenade

Town staff presented several options for Council to consider regarding the Promenade moving forward, including:

  • Leave the Promenade largely as is, with improvements to signage and barriers
  • Reopen Main St. to vehicular traffic but allow the business to expand into some parking spaces
  • Reopen Main St. to vehicular traffic during the weekdays
  • Eliminate the Promenade altogether

Upon discussing the safety and economic benefits that the Promenade has demonstrated so far, as well as logistical and safety implications of the other options, Town Council decided to continue with the Promenade as is, through Labor Day, with continuous re-evaluation. Council has also decided not to invest more money into the Promenade, as there are only six weeks left until Labor Day.

Budget Discussion

As was expected, revenue is down by about 20% over last year. Staff recommended delaying adopting the budget for next year as long as reasonable in order to obtain as much information as possible on the overall effects on the revenue due to the Pandemic. The Town is required by law to maintain a balanced budget, and staff summarized adjustments that can be made to resolve the predicted budget gap, as well as summarizing the expenses that have been incurred in response to the Pandemic.

  • Current council direction is to avoid unnecessary expenses, defer capital projects, and move unspent capital funds back into the general fund.
  • Council does support replacing the exterior doors on town buildings to a touchless, key-card entry system this year to improve safety and security.
  • Council also supports installing a new video and agenda system for Council and other meetings to improve communications and encourage and make public engagement and involvement easier.

First reading of the proposed budget amendments will take place at next Council meeting on July 28.