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Frisco Seeking Strategic Arts and Culture Plan Feedback


The Town of Frisco is seeking public feedback and ideas to inform the Town’s five-year arts and culture strategic plan. During the August 25, 2022 Concert in the Park from 5:30-7:30pm Saturday, September 10, 2022 Frisco Fall Fest​​​​​​​ and Arts at Altitude Art Show at the Frisco Historic Park, residents will have the opportunity to experience “Frisco Reflected,” a temporary art project; provide their feedback on the strategic plan draft, identity, vision, mission, and goal statements; and offer their best ideas for arts and culture in Frisco.

“I have been witness to and involved in the scrappy and vibrant Frisco arts scene since the 1990’s, and the opportunity, as a new Town Council Member, to be part of a planning process that will formalize the community’s goals around art in Frisco is incredible. I encourage everyone to provide their feedback and ideas,” stated Frisco Town Councilmember Elizabeth Skrzypczak-Adrian.

The “Frisco Reflected” temporary art project is being constructed by Frisco’s talented Public Works team in collaboration with the Town’s arts and culture strategic plan steering committee and the consultant team from 23.4 Degrees. The project will feature two mirrored walls that will invite interaction and a wall covered with small shaped mirrors where participants can write their responses. Town staff, councilmembers and committee members, along with the consultant team from 23.4 Degrees will also be present to gather more ideas and feedback from participants.

“Councilmember Skrzypczak-Adrian and I have been involved in the Frisco art scene since the late 1990’s. With the Red Crayon and Artshack art studios, this community coalesced around the movement. We are well aware of the depth of talent, great ideas, and passion for art that exists here. I’m really looking forward to seeing the project that comes to life on Thursday and the many great ideas that our community will bring,” commented Frisco Town Councilmember Andy Held.

Fill Out a Questionnaire if You Can’t Make the Event on August 25

Five-Year Arts and Culture Strategic Plan Scope

In February 2022, the Town of Frisco released a Request for Proposals (RFP) for a five-year arts and culture strategic plan that would express the mission, vision, and path to implementation of arts and culture programming in Frisco. The Town has embarked on this planning process in order to set a course for Frisco’s long-term investment in the arts, which would respect the community’s values and vision.

The project scope includes a comprehensive public process to include creative outreach, like this temporary art project on August 25, with a focus on engaging diverse participants of all ages and experiences. The planning process also includes an inventory of current arts and culture offerings and conditions in Frisco and surrounding communities; an outline of the economic, health, and social impacts of arts and culture programming; a suggested budget to include future funding sources; best practices for a successful arts council; and detailed recommendations for future arts and culture programming in Frisco.

23.4 Degrees

In May 2022, Frisco Town Council approved the selection of 23.4 Degrees for the development of Frisco’s arts and culture strategic plan because of the firm’s experience with other arts and culture planning, notably with the Denver Arts Complex, Adams County, and the Town of Silverthorne; the innovation and enthusiasm for this project expressed in their interview; their foundational knowledge of the area; and their extensive experience with public engagement and conflict resolution. Finally, the methodology, approach, and timeline outlined in the proposal and interview also fit the Town’s goals for this plan.

23.4 Degrees is a local woman-owned firm with team members in the Summit and Denver areas. Their team has a strong connection to Summit area schools and a stated curiosity around exploring how Frisco’s plan could address goals around community connection, youth, and mental health. The plan is anticipated to be finalized in late November 2022.

“We have completed over 15 in-depth, one-on-one interviews with Frisco community stakeholders, and it has quickly become apparent that the heart of this community is creative, as well as adventurous. From those interviews and work with a small steering committee, we have come up with some draft concepts and statements that are ripe for community engagement and refinement. We also heard many great ideas about art and culture in Frisco and want to add to those ideas on Thursday so we can arrive at a plan that reflects and honors Frisco’s unique character,” stated 23.4 Degrees Principal and Owner Janesse Brewer.

Questions and Feedback

Any questions and feedback regarding the arts and culture strategic planning process may be directed to Vanessa Agee, director of communications, at or 970-668-9120.