Town News

Emergency Rental Assistance Available

The Town of Frisco is working in partnership with the Family and Intercultural Resource Center (FIRC) to provide emergency rental assistance up to $600 per month. Eligible applicants must:

  • Must live or work in Summit County Colorado
  • Have a valid lease under their names
  • To determine the assistance amount, factors such as recent employment history, income level, the urgency of the assistance, any significant employment challenges, prior rent assistance received, and positive impact on the community will be evaluated.

Assistance Basics

  • Please fill out the form linked above completely and accurately, and provide all necessary documentation, including a current lease with your name on it and proof of recent employment or income.
  • The Community Emergency Rental Application committee reviews applications on the third Wednesday of each month.
  • Thank you for considering our program, and we look forward to potentially providing you with the support you need. FIRC reserves the right to deny cases for any reason and prioritizes assisting individuals who have not received assistance from us previously.