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Local Artists Paint Mural on Main Street Pedestrian Promenade

On Thursday morning, July 1, 2021,local artists, Andy Moran and Erica Rae Dove, began painting a mural commissioned by the Town of Frisco at 3rd and Main Street in Frisco. The artists painted the mural directly onto the street surface within the Promenade street closure over a two day process, and provided opportunities for pedestrians to interact with the artists. This mural is one of several initiatives by the Frisco Town Council to improve the aesthetics of the Promenade and incorporate more art into public spaces.

Mural Commission Process

On March 26, 2021, staff issued a Call for Artists in the form of a Request for Proposal (RFP) for a mural on Main Street, described as an art installation “intended to inspire hope and positivity, celebrate the resiliency of the Frisco community, and add creative vibrancy to enhance the pedestrian experience.” The Town offered $5,000 compensation for the mural design in addition to reimbursement for material costs. The Town received nine total proposals.

While the Frisco Town Council had sole authority to approve the mural and award the contract, at the April 27, 2021 meeting, Council requested that the MakeFrisco Art Collective review the proposals and make a recommendation to Town Council. On May 18, 2021, MakeFrisco held a special meeting to review the proposals based on selection criteria outlined in the RFP, such as artistic design, craftsmanship, quality of design, how well the design reflects the stated theme of the mural, and quality of past work. The MakeFrisco group selected the proposal by a Summit County-based team, Erica Rae Dove and Andy Moran, who demonstrated experience designing and installing murals.

Mural Design

The team’s mural design is a mountain mural that portrays all four of Colorado’s seasons in one image, highlighting each season, while also tying them together. The color pallet for the mural moves from cool colors to warm colors as the seasons change.

“With at least 300 sunny days in Summit County annually, our team’s mural speaks to the hope and happiness that the sunrise brings to each new day. Our vision scopes the Town of Frisco’s mission statement combined with our creative intent in building this mural. Stemming from all different angles, four uniquely contrasting seasons will extend almost the entirety of the 1,500 square foot intersection on Main Street. The rising sun at the center of the mural represents a new dawn after these dark times,” stated mural team’s proposal.

About the Artists

Andy Moran

Originally from Honolulu, HI, Andy Moran grew up skateboarding and snowboarding in Aurora, CO, and has been a Summit County resident for the past 15 years. With an abstract, cartoonist street style, Moran draws inspiration from classic and modern animation, graffiti and aerosol art, personal ideologies, architecture, and the natural world. Moran ties together his diverse upbringing with his love for the outdoors and nostalgia in a playful and colorful fashion, often using past and current events in his subject matter. In Summit County, Moran can be found practicing mural work and techniques in his yard with the neighborhood children, painting by Dillon Reservoir, or finding other ways of combining his creative outlets with his outdoor activities, such as “art hikes.” Moran also travels around the state, mostly Denver, painting live at concerts and other events, as well as doing small and large-scale commission work. Moran has been cooking in restaurants around Summit County for most of his professional life, though he has recently entered the field of early childhood education, using creativity to help inspire and inform the youth of the area.

Erica Rae Dove

Dove used art as an outlet for personal expression while dealing with her struggles growing up. Anything from a tin can to a dead tree inspires Dove’s artwork. Her artistic style includes big, bold, saturated colors, and sharp lines, and her artwork reflects the beauty of living in the mountains combined with a fun, street art element. Harmoniously integrating lines and textures found in nature with bright street style abstracted imagery is the inspiration behind her artwork. Finding simplicity in nature and life is what draws Dove into her creativity. “Our minds are just the vehicle we use to combine all our ideas, emotions, experiences, and energies with our imaginations to create something,” stated Dove.


For more information, please contact Frisco Historic Park and Museum Manager, Rose Gorrell.