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Solarize Summit Program Deadline Approaching

The Town of Frisco is working in partnership with the High Country Conservation Center (HC3) to offer the Solarize Summit program, which is a more affordable and simple approach to residential and business solar energy. Town of Frisco residents and businesses can cash in on the limited-time discount for solar installation, local rebates, and federal tax credits. Residents and businesses are encouraged to schedule a free solar assessment by the end of May so they can contract for solar installation by June 30 to qualify for installer and Frisco rebates. 

The Benefits of Solarize Summit

Residents and businesses who participate could receive two rebates, up to $1,500 from the Town of Frisco and $300 from Active Energies Solar, the program’s installer. These local rebates are available to Frisco residents and businesses on a first-come, first-served basis. In addition to program rebates, the federal solar tax credit allows residential participants to deduct 30 percent of the cost of installing a solar energy system from their federal taxes, while increasing the value of their property. Also, the State of Colorado’s sales tax exemption for Colorado homeowners who install solar energy means that homeowners don’t have to pay a dime in property taxes on the thousands of dollars solar adds to the value of their home. Many Solarize Summit participants choose to finance their systems with no money out of pocket and will typically receive an on-bill credit from Xcel Energy that will offset the recurring financing cost.

Next Steps

Frisco residents and businesses are encouraged to support local climate and renewable energy goals by taking the first step by signing up for a free, no-obligation assessment by May 31, to see if their home or business is the right fit for solar. After the assessment, a customized proposal will be sent, and residents and businesses must contract with the program’s solar provider, Active Energies Solar, by June 30, 2023 to qualify for installer and Town of Frisco rebates.

More information on the Solarize Summit program, including the online form to sign up for a free solar assessment, may be found by visiting or by emailing Hilary Sueoka, Frisco Environmental Programs Coordinator, at