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Town of Frisco Makes Parklets Available to Main Street Area Businesses

During the May 9, 2023 Town Council meeting, Frisco Town Council made the decision to provide businesses on Main Street and on the adjacent avenues with the continued opportunity to use public property and parklets to enhance the character of the Main Street area and support economic vitality. Parklets have existed in Frisco since 2020, as in late summer 2020, Frisco’s parklets were constructed using funding from the Colorado Department of Transportation’s “Revitalizing Main Streets” grant program. The goals of this grant opportunity included:

  • Encourage active transportation and healthy lifestyles through improvements to the vitality of downtowns, mixed-use centers, and community gathering spaces;
  • Support economic development and increase opportunities for businesses to thrive;
  • Imagine innovative, community connecting uses of public spaces;
  • Support community access to the right of way that safely accommodates all modes of travel; and
  • Provide safe access to opportunity and mobility for residents of all ages, incomes and abilities, including vulnerable users.

2023 Parklet Program Details

  • Parklets are 10 ft. x 10 ft. and may only be placed in the parking spaces directly in front of your business on Main Street or the side avenues directly off of Main Street.
  • Parklets will be installed by the Frisco Public Works Department on Monday, June 19, 2023 and will be removed on October 2, 2023.
  • Businesses will be charged $150 per 10 ft.x10 ft. parklet for the full season from June 19 – October 2, 2023. For example- if you have two parklets then you will be charged $300 for the season.
  • If businesses are approved for a parklet, then they must sign a license agreement provided by the Town of Frisco and provide a certificate of insurance listing the Town of Frisco as additionally insured for up to 1 million dollars in general liability.
  • There are quite a number of parklets available, but they will be assigned on a “first apply, first approved” basis.
  • If businesses wish to extend their existing liquor license onto their parklets, then they will need to apply for a liquor license extension through the Frisco Town Clerk’s Office and be prepared to pay a fee of $150 to the State of Colorado for this application. Anyone who indicates that they wish to extend their liquor license will be put in touch with the Town Clerk’s office once their parklet request is approved.

Parklet Request Deadline

Businesses will have until June 6, 2023 at 7:00pm to fill out the parklet request form below to apply for a parklet in front of their business.

Summer 2023 Town of Frisco Parklet Request Form

Business Street Address(Required)
Business Mailing Address(Required)
Do you plan to extend your existing liquor license onto your parklet(s)?(Required)
I understand and agree that a parklet(s) may only be placed in a parking space directly in front of my business located on Main Street or on a side avenue off of Main Street.(Required)
I understand and agree that if I do not use or program the parklet(s) in front of my business for six (6) consecutive days then it/they will be removed.(Required)
I understand and agree to pay a fee of $150 for each 10×10 parklet placed in front of my business for the whole season from June 19, 2023 – October 2, 2023. Parklets are scheduled to be installed on June 19, 2023 and removed on October 2, 2023.(Required)
I understand and agree to provide a signed license agreement and a certificate of insurance listing the Town of Frisco as additionally insured for up to 1 million dollars in general liability coverage before the parklets are installed on June 19, 2023.(Required)
Sidewalks must remain open and accessible between my business and the parklet(s) and be free of obstacles, equipment, and displays in order to allow pedestrian and bike access.(Required)
I understand and agree that my business has a valid Town of Frisco business license and does not have any late or outstanding fees or tax balances owed to the Town of Frisco, and that this is a requirement in order to be approved for use of Town property for a parklet(s).(Required)