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Frisco’s Community Scorecard Now Available

The Community Scorecard for the year 2020 is now available.

What is the Community Scorecard?

The Frisco Town Council adopted the Strategic Plan to ensure that budget and Town priorities align with the Town Council’s and the community’s vision and goals. This Strategic Plan includes not only actionable goals, but also measurable milestones to establish necessary urgency to ensure that progress is in accordance with Town Council’s strategic goals.

The Community Scorecard is a combined “report card” that includes the Town’s services and activities, and how they line up with the Strategic Plan, as well as the Popular Annual Financial Report (PAFR), which is a summarized and condensed overview of the Town’s financial position.

Each year, an independent audit firm reviews the Town of Frisco’s financial statements and reports the results of this audit in the comprehensive annual financial report, also included in this Community Scorecard.

In the interest of transparency, the 2020 Community Scorecard provides an open view into operations and shows where the Town is doing well and where we have opportunities to improve.

Questions? Please email Bonnie Moinet, Finance Director,


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