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Revitalization of Frisco Main Street Open House Set for the Evening of January 30

Frisco is hosting an open house for the community on the Step Up Main Street design.  The public is welcome anytime from      5 – 7 p.m. on January 30, at Frisco Town Hall to view the block by block details of the planned improvements.

The Step Up Main Street project aims to enhance the charm of Frisco’s Main Street.  Components of the project include adding additional street benches, updating the street lighting, expanding the north side sidewalk two feet (to make it as wide as the current sidewalk on the south side of the street), and updating the paver design / increasing the amenity strip on each side of the sidewalk.  The project also will improve the street’s drainage as well as improve safety and functional aspects.  The design of parking along Main Street will remain in its current configuration, and the project will result in no net loss of parking for Main Street patrons.  Summer seasonal placement of flower planter boxes and hanging flower baskets are planned to continue.

The budget for the project is $3.5 million.  Implementation of the project will be during the fall and spring shoulder seasons; no construction will occur during the busy summer and winter months.  The project is planned to begin no sooner than the fall of 2014, and final start date will be determined based on the Town’s revenues.

All attending the Open House will have the opportunity to weigh in on the style of the street light fixtures and the paver design as well as to provide feedback on the project. Please also visit to comment and vote.

For more information on the Step Up Main Street project, please contact Jocelyn Mills at 970.668.9130 or email

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