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Step Up Main Street – Frisco Main Street Construction Project


Step Up Main Street Construction Hotline

970-668-0836 x9 

Weekly Construction Update April 20, 2015

For the most up to date  information on the “Step Up Main Street” project, please call the Step Up Main Street Construction Hotline at 970-668-0836 ext. 9

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During the week of April 20:

The north side of 5th Avenue at the Main Street intersection remains closed. Main Street will remain open to traffic at the 5th Avenue intersection.

During the week of April 20, the 6th Avenue and Main Street intersection will be closed. Local traffic will still be able to intermittently access Main Street between 4thAvenue and 6th Avenue and between 6th Avenue and 7th Avenue for parking and business access.

Main Street through traffic will be detoured at 5th Avenue and at 7th Avenue. Galena Street and Granite Street will serve as the detour routes. Parking on 6th Avenue will be closed from the Main Street intersection to the alley on both sides.

Parking on the south side of Main Street will be closed from 5th Avenue to 7th Avenue.

Sidewalks will remain open.

Summit Stage bus stops have been relocated to 7th Avenue and Granite Street for the remainder of Phase 2.

Stop by and talk with Town Officials about the project at Construction Coffee on Friday, April 24 from 9am-10am at Abbey’s Coffee located at 720 E. Main Street, Frisco.

Please call the Construction Hotline (970) 668-0836 x9 during the week for the most up to date information.

The whole Step Up Main project is anticipated to be completed in 2016 with 4 phases, and with work primarily occurring during the spring and fall. Work will occur Monday-Saturday from 6am-7pm weather permitting.


During construction, employee and guest parking has generously been made available at the Rocky Mountain Bible Church lot at 6th Avenue and Granite Street and is available Monday-Saturday. And parking will also be available on the east side of the Workforce Center parking area at 6th Avenue and Galena Street, and it will be available seven days a week for employee and guest parking. Both lots will be signed.

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The project will improve infrastructure and create a more welcoming and usable Main Street. Components of the project include adding additional street benches, updating street lighting, expanding the north side sidewalk two feet (to make it as wide as the current sidewalk on the south side of the street), and updating the paver design / increasing the amenity strip on each side of the sidewalk. The project will also improve drainage, as well as improve safety and functionality. Parking along Main Street will remain in its current configuration, and will result in no net loss of parking for Main Street patrons. Summer seasonal placement of flower planter boxes and hanging flower baskets are planned to continue as in past years. For more information on the “Step Up Main Street” project, please contact Town of Frisco Public Works Department at (970) 668-0836.




Construction Sign Program Map and Guidelines

Will the completion of the drainage pipe installation solve drainage issues this winter (2014/2015)?

We have received a lot of positive feedback about this project solving drainage issues on Main Street, and while laying drainage pipe this fall from 7th Avenue to Madison Avenue will help quicken the pace of future phases, it will unfortunately not solve drainage issues until the whole project is complete in 2016. The pipe installation was intended to make future phases faster and more efficient. There is additional infrastructure required on each block to improve drainage on Main Street from 7th Avenue to Madison Avenue. That infrastructure will be installed during each of the final 3 phases of the project.

The freeze and thaw cycle of our high alpine environment makes it impossible to eliminate all drainage issues, but rest assured that upon completion the Step Up Main Street Project will not only present a more aesthetically pleasing Main Street, but also a better functioning one with improved drainage.

Why was Main Street “milled” from 7th Avenue to Madison Avenue?  Was it then repaved?

Lots of folks have been asking why Main Street was “torn up” and then “repaved” in the fall of 2014 so we thought an explanation was advisable.

During Phase 1 in the fall of 2014, a milling machine was brought in to grind up the asphalt on the eastbound lane of Main Street from 7th Avenue and Madison Avenue so that construction work could be done more efficiently reducing closure times on the eastbound lane of Main Street. Milling is significantly faster and more economical than cutting asphalt and then removing it with heavy equipment. Milling was done on Main Street from 7th Avenue to Madison Avenue in less than 5 hours early one Monday morning.

The dirt in the milled area was then compacted and the ground up asphalt or “millings” were then placed on the lane and compacted to provide a driving surface of higher quality (and less dusty) than the exposed dirt surface- NO repaving though.  Then as construction crews moved down Main Street, they were able to easily dig through the milled and dirt layers to lay storm drain pipe.

There you have it. Milling is fancy for “grinding”, and no repaving happened just a lot of compacting.  Once crews are done laying
pipe one block at a time they will in fact be repaving. Check out their handiwork from 7th Avenue to Madison Avenue. Also, working on storm drains now will make the last 3 phases of work on Main Street faster.   We’re all about lowest possible impact and efficiency.