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Ribbon Cutting on Meadow Creek Wetlands Conservation Easement

Conservation Easement Ribbon Cutting

On Tuesday, June 23 at 3:00pm, Frisco Mayor Hunter Mortenson will celebrate the Meadow Creek conservation easement with a ribbon cutting at Meadow Creek Park. The public may attend this outdoor ribbon cutting but must abide by physical distancing protocols, including wearing a face covering if unable to keep at least six feet of distance from others not in your immediate household. This easement grew out of the need to restore and preserve a new wetlands area due to the loss of wetlands during the Frisco Bay Marina’s 2019 “Big Dig” project.

“Big Dig” and Wetlands Mitigation

The Marina’s “Big Dig” project was designed to improve the Marina’s functionality, public access, and boater safety, and annexed 1.03 acres of wetlands along the edge of the Dillon Reservoir as a result. Subsequently, the US Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) required a compensatory wetland mitigation plan as part of the permit for the “Big Dig”. The original plan called for approximately 0.41 acres to be restored just north of Hawn Drive in the Meadow Creek area, and 1.7 acres to be restored in the Willow Preserve Open Space area.

Why a Conservation Easement for Meadow Creek?

During outreach regarding the wetlands restoration near Meadow Creek Park, residents in that neighborhood expressed a strong interest in permanently protecting the Meadow Creek wetlands. This resulted in restoration of the planned 0.41 acres of wetlands in the Meadow Creek area and a conservation easement for an additional 10.88 acres in the Meadow Creek area. This easement was deemed by the Army Corp of Engineers as sufficient to meet the requirements of the compensatory wetlands mitigation plan, and therefore, work in the Willow Creek Preserve did not proceed, and Frisco Town Council instead approved the Meadow Creek conservation easement.

The Meadow Creek wetlands were previously larger, extending into the existing neighborhoods and under Summit Boulevard to Dillon Reservoir. The 10.88 acres being put into the easement are currently owned by the Town of Frisco and had been considered for development in the past. This conservation easement includes approximately 9.3 acres of wetlands and 1.6 acres of adjacent riparian area/floodplain buffer.

The Town of Frisco partnered with Colorado Open Lands on this conservation easement and took this step so this land will remain open into perpetuity in support of Frisco’s vibrancy and sustainability