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Planning Commission Meeting

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Thursday, February 1|5:00 pm MST

Town Hall
1 East Main Street
Frisco, CO 80443 United States

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Meeting Agenda

Meeting Agenda

The Town of Frisco Planning Commission meets the first and third Thursday of every month, beginning at 5:00 p.m. in the Council Chambers at Town Hall (1 East Main Street). All times and dates are subject to change. 

Public comment on items not on the agenda will start at the beginning of the meeting.

Call to Order: Melissa Sherburne, Chair

Roll Call: Brian Birenbach, Jason Lederer, Melissa Sherburne, Donna Skupien, Andy Stabile, Steve Wahl, Kelsey Withrow

Minutes: Approval of previous Planning Commission meeting minutes


Citizens making comments during Public Comments on items not on the agenda shall state their names and addresses for the record, be topic-specific, and limit comments to no longer than three minutes. No Planning Commission action is taken on public comments. The Commission will take all comments under advisement and if a response is appropriate the individual making the comment will receive a formal response from the town at a later date.


    1. Planning File No. 314-17-DA: A public hearing for the Development Application for the proposed Mattox multi-family residential project, located at 100 Granite Street / Lots 10-12, Block 4, King Solomon Subdivision #2. Applicant: Ronald Mattox represented by Campbell Construction & Engineering
      1. Mattox_Staff Report
      2. Mattox_Application Materials
      3. Mattox_Plan Set
      4. Mattox_12-13-17 Permit Set
    2. Planning File No. 002-18-OR: A public hearing recommending amending Chapter 180 of the Code of Ordinances of the Town of Frisco, concerning the Unified Development Code, by amending subsections 2.2, Summary of Procedures; 2.3.4.F, Simultaneous Processing of Development Applications; 2.7.2, Administrative Adjustments; 4.2.4, Procedures for Nominating and Designating Buildings, Properties, and Historic Districts for Historic Preservation; and 6.23.2, Bulk Plane Envelope. Applicant: Town of Frisco
      1. Staff Report Ordinance 18-03, UDC amendments
    3. Planning File No. 003-18-RS:A public hearing recommending adoption of the Three Mile Plan of the Town of Frisco pursuant to Colorado Revised Statutes Section 31-12-105(e). Applicant: Town of Frisco
      1. PC Memo 2-1-18
      2. Three Mile Plan_01.26.2018
      3. Appendix Maps_01.26.2018
      4. 3 Mile Plan Summary of Updates
      5. 2009 3 Mile Plan