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5 Star Program Expanded to Personal Fitness

The State of Colorado’s “5 Star” Certified Business Variance Program allows businesses to expand operations by implementing safety measures beyond what is already required by public health orders and guidelines to help slow the spread of COVID-19. This program is designed for responsible businesses that are following public health guidance, and going above and beyond to prioritize the health and safety of their staff and customers.

After initially opening to restaurants to allow indoor dining at 25% capacity on December 18, Summit County Public Health will open the certification program to yoga studios, gyms, fitness centers, dance studios and other personal recreation businesses, provided new COVID-19 cases among Summit County residents continue to decline. The application process will open Monday, December 28, and allow for certified personal recreation businesses to increase their maximum occupancy from 10 percent of normal capacity to 25 percent.

How it Works

Upon approval by a local inspector, the 5 Star program allows certified personal recreation facilities to operate at the capacities permitted in Level Orange on the CDPHE Dial. This includes 25 percent of the posted occupancy limit indoors, not to exceed 25 people, excluding staff, whichever is less, per room. Outdoor recreational activities in groups of 10 people or fewer may occur. Six feet of distancing must be maintained between separate households.

To receive 5 Star certification, personal recreation facilities must implement the following measures:

  • Masks are mandatory and enforced in workout areas and locker rooms.
  • Signs, decals and staff guidance ensure people from separate households maintain at least six feet of physical distance.
  • High-touch surfaces are sanitized regularly.
  • Employees are screened daily for COVID-19 symptoms and potential exposures.
  • Customers are screened for symptoms and exposures, and their names and contact information are recorded to support contact tracing.
  • Admittance is by reservation only.
  • There is a written plan for outbreak detection, response and exposure notification.
  • Instructions are publicly displayed for a customer to file a complaint related to violations of the public health order.
  • Extra effort has been made to provide outdoor fitness options where possible and/or to make special hours or accommodations for at-risk individuals.
  • Ventilation has been improved through HVAC improvements, HEPA filters appropriate for the space size, or opening windows or doors, with an operating fan blowing air out during business hours to maximize airflow.

Personal recreation businesses, including fitness centers, yoga studios, dance studios and gyms, can begin planning for and implementing the 5 Star criteria immediately in order to be able to open upon certification.

How to Apply

  • The “5 Star” application for personal recreation as well as additional information about the program is available on the Summit County website and will need to be submitted to the Town where your business is located.
  • If your business is located in Frisco, please email your application and/or your questions to
  • Once the Town of Frisco receives your completed application, we will call and/or email you to schedule an inspection, which should take about 30 minutes. Please do not call to schedule an appointment; we will work late and early to make appointments and accommodate your schedules.
  • Each municipality and Summit County (for unincorporated Summit County) are managing applications and inspections for the businesses in their jurisdictions, in order to make this process more efficient and position businesses to open as soon as is allowed.
  • We have 15+ Town of Frisco staff who are trained as inspectors who will be working to inspect businesses. We understand how important this is, and we are committed to providing the resources to support businesses.
5 Star Certification Application - Personal Recreation

Please email your completed application to if your business is located in Frisco. Please do not call to schedule an inspection, as we will call and/or email you to schedule an inspection.

“5 Star Certified” Personal Fitness Providers

On Monday, December 28, “5 Star” inspections began for personal fitness providers in the Town of Frisco. Please keep in mind that not every business has applied yet, and some may not even apply in order to focus their energy and talents on online or one-on-one fitness programs. Here is a list of current “5 Star” certified personal fitness providers in the Town of Frisco:

Need More Info?

More information available by reaching to Summit County at 970-668-9730 or

5 Star for Restaurants

If you are a restaurant owner who has not yet applied for the 5 Star Certification and would like to, please visit Summit County’s 5 Star Program webpage for more information.