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Updates on COVID-19 Testing in Summit County

Why Get Tested?

Save your paycheck, help our businesses stay open, and help slow the spread by getting tested for COVID-19.

The surge in COVID-19 cases in Summit County strongly indicates community spread, which means both symptomatic and asymptomatic transmission is likely. Summit County Public Health is encouraging all community members, with or without symptoms, to get tested, especially those who are unable to stay home and those who have contact with others outside of their household.

Increased testing will provide more accurate numbers that reflect the spread of Coronavirus in Summit County, which in turn will influence the level of opening we can achieve as directed by the Colorado Department of Health and Environment and Summit County Public Health.

What is Frisco’s Role in Public Health?

The State of Colorado and Summit County have jurisdiction over public health; the Town of Frisco does NOT, and therefore, does not make public health policy decisions. Instead, the Town of Frisco plays a helpful role by supporting public health efforts, our residents, and our businesses through enforcement, providing infrastructure for testing when possible, distributing communications like this, and by starting and implementing programs for business resiliency and recovery.

What is the goal?

Right now Summit County is at a 14-day average of over 1,100 cases per 100,000* people. Summit County needs to get below 350 cases per 100,000 over 14 days in order to move a level and reduce restrictions. We can do this together if we take action individually to avoid group gatherings, wear face coverings, practice responsible personal hygiene, get tested so we know if we are infectious…you know the drill. Let’s do it!

* In order to have a common measure across counties small, medium, and large, the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment calculates rates based on what they would be if there were 100,000 people.

Testing in Summit County

Testing is free, and Summit County is continually working with providers to ensure that anyone in our community, especially those who are symptomatic, may easily receive a test. To be clear- you can receive testing if you don’t have symptoms and are encouraged to do so if your activities take you outside of your home.

All providers are using the same test, (PCR for new infection), so individuals may choose whichever of the following options they prefer, and all providers will contact the patient following testing with results.

Results can arrive as soon as 24 hours and as long as five days later, depending on testing volume. Please be prepared for this.

Testing Locations

Vail Health Community Testing Site

When: Monday through Friday from 8:30am – 4:30pm

Where: 103 S. Harris Street in Breckenridge (Speakeasy Theater)

Who: Testing for both symptomatic and asymptomatic individuals

How: To book an appointment, please email with the four necessary items: Name, phone number, picture of photo ID*, front-and-back pictures of health insurance card*. The easiest way to provide this information is by using your smart phone to take a picture of your ID and insurance card and then emailing these photos straight from your phone’s photo gallery.

*For those who do not have a government-issued photo ID or health insurance, an appointment for a test can still be made by emailing the name and phone number only. Patients can expect to receive a call to schedule an appointment within one business day. As there is pent up demand in Summit County for COVID-19 testing, we ask for your patience while we continue to streamline this process.

Insurance/payment: For those with health insurance, insurance will be billed, and any out of pocket fee additional costs will be waived. Anyone without health insurance must attest via an official attestation form to no insurance, and fees will be waived for the patient and covered by Vail Health.

Mako Medical Community Testing Site

Now open through the end of March, 2021

When: Seven days a week: 9:00am – 6:00pm – Through the end of March

Where: Century Link Building – 591 Center Circle in Silverthorne.

Who: Testing for both symptomatic and asymptomatic individuals

How: No appointment is necessary, however individuals will need to complete a registration form at the testing site or online ahead of time (doing it ahead of time can make the process go faster for you). Testing Information here. Online registration here.

Insurance/payment: Testing is provided completely free of charge. Insurance is not needed. This site was set up by the State of Colorado in collaboration with Summit County

Centura Health Community Testing Site

When: Seven days a week: 9:00am – 2:00pm Monday-Friday and 9:00am – 12:00pm Saturday-Sunday.

Where: Summit Vista Professional Building, 18 School Rd., Frisco.

Who: Testing for both symptomatic and asymptomatic individuals

How: Call 970-668-5584 to speak to staff from Centura Health to receive a testing referral to the community testing site.

Insurance/payment: Uninsured/underinsured persons will be covered at no out-of-pocket cost. Where applicable, insurance will be billed.

Summit Community Care Clinic (SCCC)

When: Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday during normal hours of operation.

How: Call 970-668-4040 to schedule an appointment. SCCC provides testing (as decided by the health care provider) for patients desiring a face-to-face visit with a provider. Patients must establish care with SCCC, or already be an SCCC patient, in order to be seen.

Where: 360 Peak One Dr., Frisco, First Floor, Summit County Medical Office Building, Suite #100.

Insurance/payment: SCCC is accepting new patients regardless of insurance status. Uninsured/underinsured persons will be covered at no out-of-pocket cost. Where applicable, insurance will be billed.

For additional information, or information in Spanish, please visit testing Summit County’s website.

Summit School District – Curative Testing in Schools

In a partnership with the Community Care Clinic’s School Based Health Centers (SBHC), Summit School District is working to offer FREE, drive-thru COVID-19 testing at school for symptomatic staff and scholars. Curative Swab Testing will start this week for symptomatic scholars and staff according to the schedule below. Please call your child’s school to schedule a test.

  • Tuesday: start testing at SHS, UBE
  • Thursday:  start testing at SCE, BRE
  • Friday: start testing at DVE, SVE

The goal of offering testing at schools is to keep students learning in-person and to help keep schools healthy and safe to the extent possible. Testing will help symptomatic individuals return to school soon as it is safe to do so, as well as help keep their cohort learning in-person.

In Safer-at-Home Level Orange, symptomatic individuals will need both a negative COVID-19 test and a doctor’s note to return to school.

Please see the Frequently Asked Questions for more information about Curative Swab Testing.

COVID-19 Contact Tracing Smartphone App

Exposure Notifications is a free and voluntary service developed in partnership with Google and Apple that can notify users of possible exposure to COVID-19.

By opting in, your Android or iPhone device will share anonymous tokens with other CO Exposure Notifications users using your phone’s Bluetooth. If another user you’ve been near tests positive for COVID-19 within a 14-day period, the service will notify you. If you test positive, you can easily and anonymously notify others to stop the spread of COVID-19.

Tokens contain no personal information or location data and everything is completely anonymous.

Knowing about a potential exposure allows you to self-quarantine immediately, get tested, and reduce the risk to your family, friends, neighbors, coworkers and community.

  • Android users can download CO Exposure Notifications on the Google Play store.
  • iPhone users can enable CO Exposure Notifications in their phone settings by finding Settings > Exposure Notifications > United States > Colorado.
  • Visit the FAQs on the Colorado Department of Health and Environment (CDPHE) website.