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Catch up On Council November 12th Meeting

Housing Concept for the Glassman and Sabatini Lots

The Town received and discussed a Glassman Letter from Nathan Glassman of Glassman Companies, LLC and owner of the parcel immediately adjacent to the Town owned lot often referred to as the “Sabatini lot”. In his letter, Mr. Glassman is offering the opportunity to potentially combine his parcel with the Town’s to develop a joint project to meet numerous Town Council goals including, but not limited to increasing the number of affordable housing units, “promoting multi-modal transportation,” and developing a project to meet the Town’s climate action goals. Councilmembers were very supportive of partnering with Mr. Glassman on a project given housing solutions are among the Town Council’s highest priorities in their strategic plan. The Council provided direction to staff to begin the process of hosting public meetings to gather community input and return to the Council with conceptual ideas in the near future.

Frisco Housing Helps Program

The Council discussed additional details about the Housing Helps Program which was initially approved through Resolution 19-27 in August 2019. With policy direction provided, Staff will now move forward to implement and market the program for properties within the Town of Frisco. Through the Housing Helps Program, the Town may:

Provide financial assistance to a buyer as a down-payment assistance program (buyers may include businesses) in exchange for a deed restricting occupancy to local workforce community members.
Provide financial assistance to a current property owner (including businesses) to construct an accessory dwelling unit provided the owner restrict occupancy to local workforce community members.
Purchase a market rate housing unit and resell the property with a deed restricting occupancy to local workforce community members.

The deed restriction recorded on a property will not have an AMI cap but will generally parallel the Town’s standard deed restriction covenant related to employment qualifications. Financial assistance will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis. A maximum of $75,000 in financial assistance may be provided for each individual property. A home energy assessment will be provided for any single-family and duplex units being deed restricted through the Housing Helps Program to protect the investment of the Town and inform the property owner of existing conditions.

Code Amendments

Council passed the first reading of the 2018 International Building Code Adoption Amendments Ordinance.  This ordinance is to update the Town’s construction codes to the latest published editions from the International Code Council – 13 codes in total.  The Ordinance includes a set of code amendments tailored to our location and environment, consistent with those of Summit County, the Towns of Breckenridge, Dillon, and Silverthorne, and Summit Fire & EMS Authority, and supportive of the Summit Community Climate Action Plan. The Ordinance also includes a revised construction permit fee schedule.  The 2018 International Codes will begin being enforced January 1, 2020.

High Country Conservation Center Agreement

Council continued to support the Strategic Plan, Environmental Sustainability and approved an agreement  between the Town of Frisco and High Country Conservation Center (HC3) to continue to provide services to the community on behalf of the Town addressing Climate Action. The agreement includes a detailed Scope of Work describing the three priority programs, including (1) Resource Wise Business Program, (2) Energy Smart Colorado Residential Program, and (3) work associated with the Climate Action Collaborative. HC3 has been providing these services for a couple of years as the Town’s environmental goals have become a high priority of the Council.

Strategic Plan Updates

Town Manager, Nancy Kerry and Department Heads presented a progress report on the Strategic Plan, which was adopted in May of this year. The 2019-2020 Strategic Plan includes 5 areas of focus, three high-priorities, plus 40 additional goals, and multiple goals within each – all aligned to achieving the Town Council’s vision for this year. Here is a link to the presentation from the Strategic Plan Update.  Staff will present another update on Strategic Plan progress in spring of 2020.

Vibrant Recreation:

The Marina Phase 1 Project, Marina Railing Project

Parks Master Planning, Implementation of Trails Master Plan

Thriving Economy:

Adoption of Community Plan, Enforcement of Main Street 3 hour Parking

Sustainable Environment:

High Priority – Climate Action Plan Adopted, Bag Ban, Promote Reusable Water Bottle Use

Inclusive Community:

High Priority – Housing Solutions – Adoption of the Housing Helps Program, Adoption of Code Amendments,

Implement Short Term Rental Regulations, Creation of Gov Facebook page and Nextdoor page

Quality Core Services:

2020 budget adopted, Water Rate Study and Implementation, 2nd & Belford Connector Path, Alley Paving Phase 2, Strengthen public engagement partially achieved through Catch Up with Council, Infrastructure

Final readings of the following 2 ordinances were approved: Prohibit the Sale of a Dog or Cat from a Pet Shops, Temporary Uses and Structures on Town Owned Land.

Please note that these are not official minutes of the meeting; visit the Town’s website for the official minutes of all meetings. The entire packet can be found in the meeting calendar.

The next regularly scheduled Town Council the next meeting is November 26, 2019; The agenda can be found in the meeting calendar. The public is always encouraged to attend both the work session and the regular meeting at 7 pm.