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Moose Safety Tips

We live in a state with not only beautiful mountains, but amazing wildlife. It is important to respect the wildlife. If you spot a moose, there are some general moose safety rules you should follow:

  • Give the moose plenty of space
  • If your dog is near, keep it on a leash
  • Do not feed the moose
  • Do not walk between a cow and a calf

If you encounter a moose and the moose feels threatened, below are the warning signs it is planning to attack.

  • Urinating
  • Tossing their head
  • Pinning their ears back
  • Clicking their teeth and smacking their lips
  • Showing their teeth
  • Hair raising

If this is happening, escape ASAP. Run away and quickly find a safe spot. If possible, try to hide behind a tree, building, fence, or rock and if none of those are available, curl up and protect your head and neck.

Moose attacks are rare, however we do live in a state where there are plenty. Enjoy the wildlife and respect them, and you can both be happy. Please remember these moose safety tips and share them so that we continue to protect our residents, visitors, and our wildlife!